Cameren Swiggum

PhD Student – University of Vienna

Star Formation and the structure of our Galaxy

Image Credit: Rogelio Bernal Andreo ( 

I am a 3rd year PhD student at the University of Vienna in the group of Prof. João Alves. My research involves studying the process of star formation by visualizing the 3D dynamics of young stellar clusters that are situated in the local Milky Way.  My work relies heavily on the unprecedented astrometric precision of the European Space Agency's Gaia Mission



PhD: Institute for Astrophysics – University of Vienna

Advisor: Prof. João Alves


B.S: Department of Astronomy – University of Wisconsin

Advisors: Prof. Christy Tremonti, Prof. Elena D'Onghia

Research Highlights

Structure of the Local Milky Way

The Radcliffe Wave

Swiggum et al. 2022 (Published in A&A Letters) -- Read the Astrobites Article

Expansion in Orion

Swiggum et al. 2021 (Published in ApJ)

AGN-driven Winds in a Post-Starburst Galaxy

Swiggum et al. 2022 (Published in ApJ)